Thank you for an amazing seven years


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Hello and welcome. I’m Matthew and this is Winning Edits. I’m grateful that you’re here. And I hope this letter finds you and your business well.

It’s been seven years since I founded this company. We started out as a niche editorial agency. We grew into an integrated creative agency specializing in content marketing. At every step of our journey, we proudly served entrepreneurs who believe in the transformational power of crafting, publishing, and marketing best-in-class content for themselves, their business ventures, and—most importantly—their readers, customers, and fans.

That journey has led us to a landmark moment: Effective 1 January 2019, we've been acquired.

As trippy as it is to share (and presumably read) that news, it's true.

We have transitioned out of agency life and into the in-house team for one of our dearest client partners: Smart Passive Income (SPI). For those of you who are familiar with SPI and Pat Flynn (its founder), then you know just how special the brand and the person behind it are.

This moment is many things.

For us, as a team, it's: Exciting (for the opportunity to play a larger, more direct role in the SPI community). Sad (for the client partners whom we will no longer directly serve). Challenging (for the many emotions to manage, questions to answer, and logistics to get right). Galvanizing (thanks to the higher stakes and more expansive noble purpose that will bring us closer together).

For me, as the crazy person who created this company, it's: Thrilling (for the growth opportunities this move will afford for my team and me). Awkward (because big changes always are). Validating (for it showcases the quality and character of my team and their work). Satisfying (for it brings a beautiful end to a major seven-year chapter in my career).

But most of all, and by far, it's humbling.

Despite operating deep in the content marketing universe, we never became all that comfortable marketing ourselves. Instead, we worked hard and let that work do most of the talking. That seems to have worked out okay. But the real reason we are where we are today is thanks to the amazing people we met along the way.

Amazing client partners. Inspiring platform partners. Honest and encouraging advocates. Talented extend team members. Supportive professional partners. And you, whether you're one or several of those things, or merely a reader who has cared to follow us along this winding and unexpected road.

So many people have made a lasting impression on us. We're deeply grateful for everyone who has inspired, supported, cheered, and worked with us over the years. Our success is thanks to you.

While Winning Edits is at its end, we have a vision to continue sharing news, insights, and opinions about content marketing, publishing, and related topics underneath our new banner of SPI. If you care to remain engaged with us, please click here to subscribe to the SPI newsletter (which is already a gem).

Good luck with all of your writing, recording, product creating, publishing, and business-ing now and into the future. We'll be rooting for you, as always.

Tally ho,

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values—Then, Now, and Forever

“To unleash stories that empower others.”

We are were an integrated creative agency specializing in content marketing serving entrepreneurs through the crafting, publishing, and marketing of best-in-class content. Our work operates at the nexus of branding, editorial, business, and technologies. We believe that our best work results from relationships imbued with integrity, empathy, value, and excellence. And we are united as a team in our core values and support for each other’s personal and professional growth.

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Anyone can play the game, but only a few have what it takes to be a champion. That’s the standard we choose for ourselves and look for in our partners.
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Words offer the means to meaning, compassion, and persuasion. They forge the stories we tell, the ideas we share, and the relationships we grow.
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Show up. Work smart. Give feedback. Debate merits. Honor commitments. Help others. Communicate often. Apologize sincerely. Love deeply. All this, or nothing.
Anyone can play the game, but only a few have what it takes to be a champion. That’s the standard we choose for ourselves and look for in our partners.
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Conventional solutions and regurgitated creativity lack the magic to move the needle. Real results happen when ordinary ideas rebel and dare to be crazy.
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Choices rule, so choose wisely so that top priorities are achieved, noise and distractions are filtered out, and wonder is invited in to inform our growth.
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Energy is a precious resource that deserves to be as carefully managed as time and dollars. When energy is in balance, our best work is possible.
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Conventional solutions and regurgitated creativity lack the magic to move the needle. Real results happen when ordinary ideas rebel and dare to be crazy.
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A Small Collection of Big Memories

We’re proud to have played a key role in many remarkable creations over the years—from bestselling books to award-winning podcasts to six-figure online courses and more. We’re also grateful for the opportunities to have contributed our knowledge and knowhow at several industry conferences and expos. Here’s a sampling of our fondest memories and most rewarding work.

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Little Publications That Made Us Proud

We put pen to paper and voice to mic on a couple in-house publications. Though now discontinued, we’re proud of them and hope that they continue to provide value.

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AuthorMBA features one-on-one conversations with today's brightest authors who excel at the business of books. Conversations feature insights into successful business models, revenue streams, publishing strategies, marketing know-how, author platform dos and don'ts, content essentials, career decisions, and more. Writing a good book isn't enough. Selling a good book usually isn't enough either. To thrive in the new book economy, today's most successful authors think like an entrepreneur with an MBA and treat their books like a business. AuthorMBA is precisely that—business school for authors.

The podcast ran from 2013 to 2014 covering nearly 50 episodes before being sunset.

Hyperlink Magazine

Hyperlink is a new magazine for brands looking to connect with an audience, to create authentic bonds with casual shoppers who will eventually become loyal fans. It is a magazine for consumers who think critically about where and why and how they spend their money and, more importantly, their attention.

The magazine ran through 2017.

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Special Thanks to Some Special People

You all are rockstars.

We had a ton of help along the way. I wish I could individually thank everyone who lent a helpful hand, extended a thoughtful referral, provided invaluable feedback, gave of their time, or somehow else elevated our game. To all of you, we’re eternally grateful.

A few special folks deserve our exceptional thanks…

Client Partners

Pat, Courtney, Angel, Sean, Raymond, Marc, Mark, Nir, Paul, Scott, and Chris.

Platform Partners

Ankur, Melissa, Cameron, Jess, Nathan, Barrett, Alexis, and Nicole.

Extended Team Members

Dustin, Elise, Phil, Emily, Eric, Kevin, and Val.


Steve, Adam, James, Joanna, Jane, Todd, and Mignon.

Professional Partners

Mark, John, Ryan, Jake, and Jim.

Winning Edits Team